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The House...

an old villa bilt in 1862, situated in the centre of Malvaglia (Chiesa area) and boasting its original stone roof. It has been brought back to life

after a careful renovation work, with the due respect for the old building and maintaining its original shape as far as possible








The third B...

"Boutique" on the walls and in each corner of the villa you can find objects and painting for exhibition and sale







The small garden...


a very cosy corner, obtained by digging the earthwork.

Walls of different sizes made of original stones have been restored from the same land.

It is a charming green spot where you can relax, chat with friends, have breakfast, read, or... just do nothing

at the moment the buffet is not possible, the breakfast will be personalized for each guest





The breakfast...


only products of the Valley, mostly bio, bread, cakes and jams homemade







Where we are







Il Calicanto

Bed & Breakfast & Boutique

CH - 6713 Malvaglia-Chiesa


Tel.: +41 91 220 21 28


Email: ilcalicanto[at]








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Il Calicanto | Bed & Breakfast & Boutique | 6713 Malvaglia-Chiesa | +41 91 220 21 28